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Terms & Conditions

1.) All offers, deliveries and granting rights to use of the press photo agency ddrbildarchiv.de ® apply exclusively to the following Terms & Conditions, unless otherwise agreed. In case of transmissions of the rights of use of aerial imagery, they are deemed agreed, if they are not contradicted in writing within 14 working days after the receipt of the agreed material or the according fee account.

2.) Any use of ddrbildarchiv.de ® material - including but not limited to the use as work template, printer's copy, for layout or presentation purposes - is subject to a fee. The purchase of the use of right for image material grants - if not otherwise agreed in writing - the right to use it one-time, non-recurring and for the intended purpose only. Any other use exceeding this is subject to notification and a fee. The exact character of the transferred rights of use and reproduction regulates the order in accordance with the fee account of our invoice. Special agreements / license agreements for assigned flights are not subject to this but are subject to the rights of use and reproduction according to the license agreement.

3.) Any claims or objections concerning the content or quality of the digitally or conventionally transmitted material shall be noted immediately after the receipt - but within 14 working days of the receipt at the latest. Otherwise, ddrbildarchiv.de ® cannot be made legally liable.

4.) Colour aerial material that is intended for one colour or black & white use only cannot be subject to a fee reduction.

5.) As customary, the use of material from ddrbildarchiv.de can only be done credited to the copyright holder "ddrbildarchiv.de". In case the material is not credited accordingly, the fee will double due to missed advertising opportunities and impact (according to federal copyright law). Collective picture credits can only be done if they are fully recognisable and easily attributed to the individual images (according to German copyright law). For reference, please send us a file copy and proof of any printed publication of ddrbildarchiv.de ® material. This shall happen without further request and free of charge for ddrbildarchiv.de and can be done digitally, online or by email as well as in form of a hardcopy by mail. Special agreements and license agreements for assigned flights for companies, TV stations or news agencies are not subject to this.

6.) The client or user of aerial image material of ddrbildarchiv.de is solely responsible with regards to the content of the material's publication - especially but not limited to layout, art work, contextualisation and captions. Euroluftbild.de ® cannot be made legally liable for third party claims against such publications. We will notify you informatively about any legal concerns and reservations from our side regarding your intended use of ddrbildarchiv.de ® material.

7.) If a single point of this contract should be void or be made void, this will not affect the validity of the other points of this contract.