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Are you a press photographer, a photojournalist or have you had a corresponding professional career and are you acquainted with contemporary press photography material from the SBZ, the former GDR or the New Federal States?

Then you are at ddrbildarchiv.de to market your pictures just right and in good company. We are swimming against the tide and successfully, but we want to grow together with you. Time-historical press picture material is not an arbitrarily reproducible mass product on the colorful picture market, but rather a picture-journalistic service that can be digitally made available with a high technical and archiving effort.

The now more than 20 years successful activity of the agency ddrbildarchiv.de (emerged from the agency AIRLINE & PRESS PHOTO) confirms us on this way. participate in it with your press photos and time-historical uniques! You upload your image data provided with IPTC information directly into our portal www.ddrbildarchiv.de via ftp or send us your image data by e-mail or CD.

Represented picture journalists: