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Imagery Agency

ddrbildarchiv.de digitalises and distributes photos from the GDR and the new federal states

The press photos represented on ddrbildarchiv.de are exellent photojournalistic manuscripts from Dr. Gerhard Murza, Heinz Schönfeld, Siegfried Gebser, Burkhard Lange, Ullrich Winkler, Siegfried Bonitz, and many others. The photos will be made accessible to the media by committed photo editors such as Andrea Terzer - Grahn and the programming specialists Sven Lange and Christian Berens in the following press photo image database.

For years, our picture agency has had a considerable circle of satisfied regular customers. In this connection we are represented by renowned image and news agencies worldwide in the media and print sector.

Time-historical press photos are not a luxury. The development, processing, digitization and comprehensive research for captioning and indexing naturally causes higher costs than with fast, current productions with digital cameras. We want you as a customer with us priced and feel well served and happy to come back! We promise you not the blue of the sky, but the technically and legally feasible as a technically clean service around the topic of contemporary history press photo.

Agency history

A large part of the press photos is the former black and white press image archive of the GDR newspaper Neues Deutschland, which contains around one million film negatives (small to medium format) and was recorded between 1963 and 1994. The illustrations show GDR history, GDR policy, GDR everyday life, fall of the Wall, post-reign. The stock covers the times of the GDR as a state in almost all areas of social life, but also documents the exciting transitional period around reunification, as well as the associated phenomena of major social and economic change until 1994. These picture themes are supplemented by the color archives famous GDR photographers like e.g. Manfred Uhlenhut and Klaus Morgenstern.

Your contact persons

Our archive manager Andrea Terzer-Grahn and the company owner Robert Grahn stand at your disposal. Please contact us by phone or email.

Andrea Terzer-Grahn
Sales Manager, Head of Archives

+49 (0) 30 / 510 666 59